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Meet Marsha.

The founder of Lash Ink Glow Aesthetics, Marsha is dedicated to the beauty, health and wellness of each and every person she encounters in her practice and she is bringing it to us in luxury. Marsha started as a Makeup Artist in 2011 as a side hustle and since then have scaled and upgraded her services to a measure of luxury and prestige. In 2021, she earned her credentials as a Licensed Esthetician and retired her full time career from Military Service. Marsha has diligently served her country since 1999 and is now ready to serve again in the Spa and Beauty Industry.

A disabled veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Marsha is an avid advocate for mental health awareness.  She encourages being mindful and intentional about self care amongst the Veteran, Law Enforcement, First Responder and Frontline Healthcare communities .

Lash Ink Glow Aesthetics is deep rooted in the Spa and Beauty industry. Marsha’s ultimate vision is to helped create a safe, inviting and relaxing atmosphere for individuals who are overcoming difficulties. She understands from her own experiences how helpful it is for people going through life issues to find an inviting space where they can build connections with others who understand exactly what they’re experiencing while at the same time investing in their self-care with no judgement.



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