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How to find The best Black Friday Deals!

Have a plan!!! Lol, yes plan your Black Friday shopping.

Create a “I Need” list.

Trust me it is not worth the headache to spend countless amount of hours surfing the web with no direction. (because it is 2020 and we’re a midst a pandemic, who doing Black Friday shopping in person? Not me!) Even more disheartening when you end up confused by all these 50%, 60%, 80% off deals and end up getting things you don‘t need or even worse get nothing at all and miss out entirely on all the deals.

It makes it so much easier to shop on Black Friday in a sea of amazing deals when you know what. Create a list. An “I need list”, “I gotto have list”, “Christmas shopping list”, “Frequently shopped stores list”, “Stores I wanted to shop online but could not afford all year list”, and we can go on and on and 20 list deep. The point is have a plan.

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