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What Lies On The Road Ahead…

There are times when no matter how organized you think you are in your business and how much you plan and create these road maps to a smooth running business model, the doubtfulness of the ”what ifs” raise their ugly heads in your mind.

I was faced with so much doubtfulness in my business. I couldn’t help but think if I was self sabotaging what I have worked so hard to build because I was letting my mind run a muck with negative thoughts of all the things that could possible go wrong.

With my retirement date from the military drawing near, I believe my doubtfulness was as a result of fear. Fear of what I thought was the unknown. Living a life outside of the structure of the military. Having to fend for myself wholly. Having to support myself and my family sole on the income made from Lash Ink Glow Aesthetics.

Through out all this doubtfulness I have found a group of women who are business moguls who I have grown to respect and aspire to be like them. A few of them being Candace Holyfield aka Six-Figure Spa Chick (sb: I have never met her in person but she is my mentor in my head lol! I am also in a few group that she run but my goal is to be in a room or a beach with her and all the other bosses I can learn from) Coach Stormy Wellington (sb: I love her story and how she built her empire. She is raw and I like that raw passion. I can never be that raw unless I talk about my 22 years spent in service….. anyway) My mom Carol Wright! God knows I can’t forget her lol!!! She will come for my neck lol!!!

More importantly and first and foremost I go to God in prayer! I say Lord please guide and order my steps. Remove this spirt of doubtfulness, indecisiveness and fear. Give me the the strength and the will to go after my passionate what drives me to go after the bag $$$$. ”I” will not stand in my way of acquiring what is out there for me because of doubtfulness and fear. I’m going full steam ahead with a sound mind in Jesus name.

The road that lies ahead is so fruitful in abundance. I have an amazing family of 8 children, a man that loves me even though our relationship of 12 years is not perfect ( a whole blog post for another time lol!!) close friends and family that are ride or dies.

If you are in my position experiencing doubt and fear of moving forward in your business, I encourage you to find resources to pull from like I have that will help to pull you up out of that mode, help you to realize what’s at steak and get you back on back on track.

Thank you for your time until another read.

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